From the data to see Taiwan PCB, positive layouting SLP

From the data to see Taiwan PCB, positive layouting SLP(SubstrateLike-PCB)

Taiwan as a veritable electronic treasure Island, its electronic enterprises are divided into two major categories, the first category is semiconductor companies, from equipment, materials to design, manufacture and seal the test, the other is mainly computer and mobile phone foundry and related supporting component companies. From 2005 onwards, some foundry manufacturers rise rapidly depending on the mobile phone foundry. PCB as one of the three pillar industries of electronic industry, with the domestic PCB supply chain localized, the rise of the red industry chain, Taiwan manufacturers are similar with Japan, in order to maintain the competitiveness of the market, retained a relatively high-end, high value-added PCB products, gradually transferred to the higher-order PCB, FPC and SubstrateLike-PCB which recent international major customers are using.

Compared with Japan and South Korea market share significantly decline, Taiwan's PCB global share is basically maintained about 13%. Taiwan is the best performing region, Japanese and Korean manufacturers have a certain fluctuation, Taiwanese manufacturers operating profit is relatively stable, although Chinese manufacturers growing rapidly, the volume of revenue is still low.

Mainly for the following reasons, 1 Taiwan's most companies are Apple suppliers, Apple products are of higher quality and more stringent requirements, at the same time, as the product cycle is getting shorter, product update iterative frequency accelerates, timely response to changes, the realization of mass production is a key factor in Taiwan's success; 2. Taiwan's local materials supply chain is complete, provide high-end materials such as laminate and copper foil, without relying on Japanese material manufacturers to effectively reduce production costs.

Apple leads the market towards the SLP development, in line with high precision requirements and SIP packaging technology, Apple new iphone 8 and iphone X using smaller line width/spacing SUBSTRATELIKE-PCB (Abbreviation SLP) technology, leading HDI market to the SLP development, technology upgrades for the industry to bring new business opportunities. SLP is still one of the rigid PCB, only in the process closer to the semiconductor specifications, the current SLP requirements of the line width of 30/30μm, the technology will reduce the size of the mobile phone board, thereby increasing battery space to solve the problem of mobile phone endurance. At the same time, SLP also more meet the requirements of system-level package SIP technology density.