• Double sided PCB

Name:Double sided PCB
Surface finish:ENIG
Finished copper thickness:1OZ
finished board thickness:1.6mm
Min hole size:0.2mm
Solder mask color:Green
Silkscreen color:White

Product Description

Double sided printed circuit board,fast prototype PCB,24 hours quick turn,48 hours normal lead time at Vip Circuit

Two sided PCB prototype, the most commonly surface treatment  is HASL. At the same time, OSP, gold plating, immersion gold, immersion silver,is equally applicable.

HASL- good appearance, easy to weld tin on pad, easy welding, low price.

ENIG- stable quality, usually used in the case of boding IC.

For two sided board, using through hole in the middle connects two-sided traces,and there are two more processes than single side board,that is Electroless Copper and plating.


Double sided boards are widely used and relatively simple, every manufacturer can do, so the competition is always on the price.

Some manufacturers use low grade CCL, soldermask ink is also relatively cheap, even the surface plating is thin,leading to price differences.

At VIP CIRCUIT,we have been using high-grade materials, never cut corners, quality is first-class, our strategy is small profits but quick turnover, So in the premise of quality assurance, our PCB price is very competitive, you are welcome to inquiry here(sales@vipcircuit.com),get fast quotation.

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