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  1. Data Sheet of Rogers RO4360G2- High Frequency PCB material         
  2. Data Sheet of Rogers RO4360- High Frequency Laminates         
  3. Technical information of ROGERS material - High Frequency and RF PCB Material         
  4. 370HR-Datasheet-Isola         
  5. IPC-6012B-Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid PCB         
  6. IPC-A-600G printed circuit board acceptance standard         
  7. S1000-2+S1000-2B datasheet and line up         
  8. ITEQ IT-180 material datasheet and processing guideline         
  9. RF-35 and RF35P Processing Guidelines         
  10. High frequency material list         
  11. HDI PCB processing flow (plant show)         
  12. Material list of Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co., Ltd.         
  13. Technical information of FR4 material KB6160