• RF pcb

Name:RF pcb
Surface finish:Immersion Gold (ENIG)
Finished copper thickness:1OZ
Finished board thickness:1.0mm
Min hole size:0.25mm
Solder mask color:Green
Silkscreen color:White

Product Description

RO4350 PCB manufacturing in China

Rogers material is usual use for the high frequency or radio frequency printed circuit board,it can be mixed with FR4 lamination.

the in common use thickness of the RO4350B is 10mil,20mil,30mil and 60mil.

01   Top imported raw materials to ensure RF board quality at source

TR1: EMC, ITEQ, SYL, Isola, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, Taconic, Hitachi, etc.
557k: Rohm& Haas(US) Atotech(Germany) Umicore(Germany)

Ink: Taiyo (Japan) 

Dry film: Asahi (apan), Dupont(us)

02  Top high frequency material resources

The world's top high frequency materials merchants Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Neco, Isola's long-term strategic partner, can provide customers with the highest quality materials and related resources. Solving the Bottleneck of High Frequency Material Shortage.

03  Full set of surface treatment equipment to meet the needs of various industries

Can completely deal with immersion gold ,immersion tin, OSP, HASL, gold plating, thick gold, tin plating, silver plated and other related needs

04  Leading PCB process capabilities

3mil/3mil minimum line width/space, impedance tolerance control in 8%

PTH hole+/-0.05mm, drilling precision +/-0.05mm

05  Process capability fully meets high frequency PCB

Mature hybrid technology


FR4+ 408HR


06  Rigorous quality control system to effectively ensure product performance

Strictly in accordance with IPC standard control, Guaranteed Shipment Quality Pass rate 100%
Perform quality PDCA cycle processes to continuously improve product performance
Imported American Diane Ion chromatography Tester (D| ONEX ICS-900) and temperature cycle inspection equipment to ensure high reliability and stability of products

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