Why does Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co., Ltd. have to make high-reliability PCB and PCBA?

As the carrier of electronic components and the hub of circuit signal transmission, PCB has become one of the most important and critical core parts of electronic products. Its quality and reliability directly determine the quality and reliability of the entire electronic product.

With the continuous promotion of the miniaturization, lightweight, multi-functionalization of electronic products, and the continuous promotion of environmental protection requirements such as lead-free and halogen-free, the PCB industry is moving towards fine lines, small holes, multi-layers, thin boards, high TG, high frequency, and high speed. The development of high-density and environmental protection has led to the increasing complexity of the internal structure of the PCB, the increase in temperature, and the deterioration of heat dissipation conditions, which will greatly affect the reliability of the PCB.

The importance of PCB high reliability to enhance the market competitiveness of electronic products

In 1992, when my country launched the "Austellite" due to a small part failure, the launch failed, which caused huge economic losses and political influence! Japan's automobiles, household appliances and other products occupy the international market, mainly because of the high reliability of the products. The overhaul period of Cummins diesel engines in the United States is 12,000 hours, while domestic diesel engines frequently fail within 1,000 hours......

For products, reliability is closely related to "maintenance costs, operating efficiency, property safety, casualties, economic benefits, and national security". High reliability is an important guarantee for enhancing the market competitiveness of electronic products!

1) Only highly reliable PCBs can meet the market development needs of customers

A major feature of the development of modern science and technology is the highly complex structure of the equipment. The obvious sign is that there are many types of components required, and the PCB is the core carrier of the electronic product link components. The more layers, the more components, and the complex process requirements. , The higher the requirements for PCB reliability, only high-reliability PCB can meet the development needs of our customers.

2) Highly reliable PCB can help customers improve their market competitiveness

Before World War II, Japan's electronic products had a large number of returns due to poor reliability, and they were even almost forced to withdraw from the international market. After the Second World War, Japan summed up its lessons and continuously improved the reliability of electronic products, and finally it was able to greatly enhance its market competitiveness and seize a huge share of the international market. Nowadays, under the dual impact of the financial crisis and COVID-19, the current international market competition is particularly fierce. For "Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co., Ltd.", only by effectively improving the reliability of PCBs can we help customers improve their brand reputation and continue to strengthen Market competitiveness!

3) Highly reliable PCB can help customers obtain higher economic benefits

In 1961, at least 25% of the U.S. Department of Defense's budget was for maintenance. For antenna products sold in the European or North American markets, the maintenance cost is about the same as the price of the antenna due to the need to hire qualified professionals for maintenance. In order to improve the reliability of its products, Westinghouse in the United States once conducted a comprehensive review and found that improving the reliability level can greatly reduce the maintenance costs of electronic equipment. On the surface, the high-reliability pre-production and control costs will be higher, but , The failure rate in the later period is less, and the maintenance cost and downtime loss will be lower. In order to help customers maximize their economic benefits, "Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co., Ltd." is more obsessed with doing PCBs right at a time and achieving high reliability!