Vip Circuit is a professional PCB production service provider with more than 10 years experience in the electronics manufacturing industry. We manufacture printed circuit boards for more than 80 countries in the world. We've always had a good time working with our customers, customer satisfaction rate is around 99%, we are proud to provide our best services.

One-stop Comprehensive Services

We specialize in providing high quality PCB manufacturingPCB assembly and component sourcing services for all sizes of companies. We can cover from PCB prototyping to full production, part kits to complete turnkey assembly. No matter where your company is, we are confident of providing affordable PCB services. Our one-stop PCB production solution shortens your products turnaround time and greatly improves the OEM return on investment.
We guarantee the each PCB’s production is meeting your strict standards. We offer expedited service program that can deliver your PCB within a short period of 24 hours, or provide two week of delivery for most other orders.Our low-cost, small-volume PCB production and assembly makes you less worry, without time investment. You only need to provide your request, let us have the rest of it! If you need to test at the prototype stage, we also provide solutions for your prototype PCB requirements.

Turnkey PCB Solutions

We are a one-stop vendor for PCB-related products and services, you don't have to look for other companies to do the job, will save your time and money. We're in charge of everything, from start to finish.

Our PCB is widely used in many industries

Making customers satisfied and meeting their needs is at the heart of any successful enterprise. Therefore, we provide a range of customized products and customer service. We have helped the electronics manufacturing business of thousands of companies from all walks of life to change their products and their industries.

Technology Summary


PCB FeaturesØ  PCB  with up to 30 layersØ  Impedance control 
Ø  Flex PCB up to 6 layersØ  Via plugging/Laser hole  stacking
Ø   Aluminum coreØ  Special material
Ø  Heavy copper(power boards)Ø  Hybrid (RO4350+FR4)   
Ø  Blind and buried ViasØ  Gold plated
Ø  HDIØ  Min hole 0.2mm
Ø  RF(High  frequency) Ø  Max copper thickness 6oz
Surface TreatmentHASL/LF HASL
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Gold Finger/Gold plated
Selective Chem Au
High TGCeramic filled

We are fast, cost-effective and adhere to highly stringent quality standards. We attach great importance to detail, which is why we have 99% customer satisfaction ratings and global Company Trust. Please feel free to contact us for a quote on your custom circuit board price to find out how we can help!