Making a high-reliability PCB is the purpose of Shenzhen Vip Circuit CO., LTD.

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        As the support body of electronic components and the hub of circuit signal transmission, the quality and reliability of PCB largely determine the quality and reliability of the entire electronic product. For PCB, a highly reliable PCB can achieve a long service life, reduce the probability of failure. Modern electronic equipment industry has high requirements, small size, complex structure, difficult heat dissipation, and harsh environment. All these factors bring considerable risks to PCB reliability. Once the PCB fails, it will not only cause economic losses to users, but also reduce the market competitiveness of manufacturers, and even affect the brand image of downstream customers.


        Regarding the high reliability of PCB quality, the founder of Shenzhen Vip Circuit CO., LTD. was born as an engineer and hated the losses caused by electronic product failures. Therefore, Shenzhen Vip Circuit CO., LTD is committed to "building a highly reliable PCB" and "Create a company with a high sense of social responsibility" as the corporate vision and goal. The company’s main high-end multi-layer PCBs are produced in strict accordance with the general standard IPC CLASS 2 of the circuit board industry. After years of polishing and multiple upgrades, the orifices are smooth and flat, with an average thickness of 25um, far exceeding IPC CLASS 2. Level standard, truly integrates the spirit of ingenuity into each production process, and is the first established manufacturer to sample six-layer and above multi-layer PCBs and provide free slicing and test reports. Shenzhen Vip Circuit CO., LTD takes "everything around customer needs" as its mission, and uses real actions to show that the promise of building a highly reliable PCB is by no means an empty talk.