HDI Microvia PCBs

HDI Microvia PCBs -HIGH DENSITY INTERCONNECT (Enquiry pls send to sales@vipcircuit.com )

HDI boards, one of the fastest growing technologies in PCBs, are now available at Vip Circuit. 

Microwave or RF PCB both belong to high frequency PCB , Radio-frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) circuits can be found in countless wireless products from handheld devices for medical and industrial applications to advanced communications systems for base stations, radar and global positioning.

HDI (High Density interconnection)

HDI is a technology to realize "light, short and small" of electronic products.Compare to common multilayer PCB, It has the characteristics of tight wiring, Micro-via interconnection between layers, thin form of multi- layer and smaller node spacing of the interface of the plate.

Micro-via pore-forming mode is mainly laser ablation with aperture up to 4~5mil

HDI drilling structure

Blind hole

Buried hole

Through hole

HDI blind hole types

Micro via hole:1+N+1,no pofv(plated on filled via)

Solid via hole :1+N+1,with pofv

Stagger via hole: 2-stage misplaced laser hole

Stack via hole:2-stage same place laser hole