RF PCB (Radio Frequency PCB/High Frequency PCB)

High-level civil high-frequency communication is developing greatly, strut its stuff in the long-distance communication, navigation, medical, transportation , warehousing and other fields.

High confidentiality, high transmission quality, urge mobile phones, wireless communications to high-frequency development.

High-quality transmission, demands communications, microwave communications and optical communication must be high frequency.

With the increase of computer processing ability and the increase of information memory capacity, signal must be high speed

Low DK

When the DK is large, the storage power capacity is large, the electrical signal transmission speed of the circuit is low, low ε means storage capacity is small, charge and discharge process is fast,so that transmission speed is also fast.

In the PCB substrate, PTFE dielectric constant is the lowest, usually 2.6~2.7, and the general FR4 dielectric constant is 4.6~5.0, so Teflon signal transmission is faster than FR4

Conventional RF material

FR4: FR408,FR408HR,IT180A,EM285

Special: RO4350B,RO3003,TLY5A,RF-30,25N

Or Hybrid board like FR4 +RO4350B

High Frequency material options

High Speed&High Frequency material characters