The trend of PCB transfer to domestic market is irreversible, industry concentration degree gradually rise

The transfer trend of PCB to domestic market is irreversible, industry concentration degree gradually rise

According to the NT information data show that 2016 global PCB manufacturers in the list, the number of listed enterprises in mainland China is 45, accounting for 39.8%. Kinwong Electronics, Fastprint, Suntek, Oskan and other domestic enterprises are listed, the list of corporate revenue growth of 13.5%, much higher than the global average recession 2.1% of the level. Taiwan and Japan, respectively, number is 25, 19, the trend towards domestic transfer of capacity is irreversible.

From a long-term perspective, the full domestic financial support will make the local manufacturers become the mainstay of the PCB industry. Pure domestic manufacturers with small size, but faster than other peers, industry concentration gradually increased, listed companies through the capital market for investment and mergers and acquisitions to enhance market share. Although most of the domestic PCB manufacturers are still competitive in low-end products, but some manufacturers have gradually entered the international major customers Apple supply.

It is expected that in the next five years each country and region's output value compound growth rate

To sum up

It is expected that in the next 5 years, Asia will continue to dominate the development of the global PCB market, while China is the unshakable central position in the Asian market, China's PCB industry will maintain a composite growth rate of 3.7%, is expected to 2022 industry output value will reach 35.686 billion U.S. dollars. By contrast, As the overall economy is weak, the PCB market in Japan and Europe is sluggish, but the global market will still maintain a 3.2% increase in composite. In the  "large-scale, centralized" trend of PCB company, earlier established a leading edge of the large PCB company will gain greater advantage in the future global market competition.