PCB Manufacturing Services

Our extensive PCB manufacturing services and the knowledge and expertise of printed circuit board manufacturing (PCB) enable us to provide any requirements within the range of technology and quantity. Types include single-layer to 24-layer multilayer/controlled impedance/metal base PCB, flexible/Flexible rigid PCB/RF/microwave circuit/high temperature circuit. Our extensive production are small and medium-sized batches, multi-varieties projects, the turnaround time from 24 hours available, but also widely support cost-effective large-volume projects.

Prototype printed circuit boards manufacturing
Single&Double sided PTH PCB
Multi-layer PCB based on years of rich experience
Flexible PCB has excellent price advantages
Full support for complex and various PCB

PCB Assembly Services

With a wide range of flexible automation equipment, we provide PCB assembly services for automotive, aerospace, defense, Inventory control, led and safety lighting, industrial sensors and controls, scientific instruments and government departments and many other industries. We can provide assembly for prototype trial production to complete supporting finished products.

Quick-turn prototype assembly
Surface mount technology
Through-hole assembly
Box build&final assembly
Cable assembly&wire preparation
Components Sourcing
Solder paste stencils
Automated X-ray inspection(AXI)

Automated optical inspection(AOI)

PCB Reverse Engineering

PCB Reverse Engineering, that is, on the premise that the electronic products are in real, using reverse research and development technology to reverse analyze the circuit board, make a 1:1 restore for the original PCB file(Gerber file), Bill of materials (BOM) documents, schematic documents and PCB screen printing files, and then use these technical documents and production documents for PCB board, component welding, flying needle test, circuit board debugging, complete the full copy of the original circuit board.

Circuit Schematic reversing
Bom making
Drawing Gerber data

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