Rigid-flex PCBs help Korea PCB Enterprise

Rigid-flex PCB help Korea PCB Enterprise 

In recent decades, the development of the PCB industry in Korea has three characteristics, the rapid development of scale, vertical integration of industry, and gradually turn to high value-added PCB products. The birth and development of PCB and FPC, led to the rigid-flex PCB, the Apple's iphone screens and touch screens have been used in multiple layers of FPC before, the 10 anniversary souvenir iphone X will adopt Rigid-flex PCB, because multilayer FPC can only accommodate a single chip 

Currently, Only Korean manufacturers (including Interflex, Bhflex, SEMCO and Yongfeng Electronics) have the ability to produce rigid-flex PCB, Japan and Taiwan Enterprises need 2-3 years to achieve scale production. We believe that the 2018 Rigid-flex PCB supply situation will be more severe. Apple in order to ensure the supply of rigid-flex PCB, spend tens of millions of dollars to buy rigid-flex boards’ production equipment to lease to the manufacturers.