148 Inspection items for PCB design -PCB checklist Ⅱ

(Following the above)

j. Ban area

78, Below metal shell devices and thermal devices, should not be possible to cause short-circuit of the line, copper and via hole

79, There should be no wiring, copper and via holes that may cause short circuits around the mounting screws or gaskets

80, Whether there is a line in the reserved position in the design requirement

81, NPTH to copper should be more than 0.5mm in inner layer, 0.3mm12milin outer layer

82, Copper and line to board outline recommend for more than 2mm, the minimum is 0.25mm.

83, Copper in ground layer should be greater than 1-2mm, the minimum is 0.25mm

k. Solder Pad Outlet

84, For two chip components installed on the pad ( 0805 and the following packages) , such as resistors, capacitors the circuit which is connected with the pad is best draw from the center position of the pad.

85, Solder pads connected with wider circuit, It's best to transit through a narrow printed circuit.

86, The line should be as far as possible from Soic, PLCC, QFP, SOT and other devices of the pads of the two ends of the Circuits should be drew from the two ends of SOIC, PLCC, QFP, SOT and other components pads.

l. Silkscreen printing

87, Whether the PCB components no. is missing and whether the position can correctly identify the components

88, Does the components position number conform to the company's standard requirements

89, Confirm the pin arrangement order of the device, the 1th foot mark, the polarity of the device, and the correctness of the connector's direction mark.

90, The board direction of the motherboard and the sub board is identified as corresponding

91, Does the back board correctly identify the slot name, slot number, port name, sheath direction

92, Confirm that the design requirements for the silk screen are added correctly

93, Verify that the ESD and RF board markings have been placed (RF board use)

m. Coding/Barcode

94, Verify that the PCB code is correct and in line with company specifications

95, Verify the PCB coding position and level of the single board is correct

96, Verify the back PCB coding position and level is correct

97, Confirm that there is a barcode laser print white silk screen marking area

98, Confirm that there is no connection below the barcode box and is no larger than 0.5mm through holes

99, Verify that outside of the Barcode White screen printing area cannot have a height of more than 25mm components

n. Via hole

100, On the reflow surface, the via hole cannot be designed on the pad. Soldermask covered via and pad spacing should be greater than 0.1 mm (4mil)

101, The arrangement of the via should not be too dense to avoid causing the large range fracture of the power supply and ground plane

102, Diameter of via hole is best not less than 1/10 of PCB thickness

o. Process

103, Device distribution rate is 100%, pass rate is 100%

104, Whether the dangling line has been adjusted to the minimum. For the reserved dangling line has done one by one confirmed

105, Whether the process problem has been carefully checked

p. Large area copper foil

106, For the copper foil on the top, bottom large area, if no special needs, use grid copper

107, Large area of copper foil component pad, should be designed into a flower pad to avoid virtual welding

108, When a large area of copper is paved, the isolated island without network connection should be avoided as far as possible

109, Large area of copper foil also need to pay attention to whether there is illegal connection, unreported DRC

q. Test points

110, The test points of various power supply and ground are enough

111, Verify that the network without the test point is confirmed to be streamlined

112, Verify that the test point is not set on a plugin that is not installed

113, Test Via, test Pi whether it has fixed

r. DRC

114, The spacing rule of test via and test pin should be set to the recommended distance first. Check the DRC, if there is still DRC, then use the minimum distance set to check DRC

115, Open constraint set to open, update DRC, see if there are any errors in DRC

116, Confirm that the DRC has been adjusted to the minimum

s. Optical positioning point

117, Verify that there are optical positioning symbols on the PCB surface of the mounting components

118, Confirm that the optical positioning symbol is not on the line

119, The optical anchor background needs to be the same. Confirm that the whole plate is using optical points and its center is away from the side ≥5mm

120, Confirm that the optical positioning datum symbol for the whole board has been assigned to the coordinate value, and is an integer value in millimeters

121, Center distance of IC Pin <0.5mmand a BGA device with a center distance less than 0.8 mm (MIL), should set the optical point near the components diagonal

t. Solder Inspection

122, Confirm that there are special requirements for the type of pad to open the soldermask(especially the hardware design requirements)

123, Via hole under BGA whether process to the cover oil plugging hole.

124, Exclude the test holes, other vias have been opened small soldermask or oil covered

125, Whether the s/m opening of the optical point avoids the copper and line exposed

126, Power chip, crystal vibration, and so on copper surface cooling or grounding shielding devices whether there is copper and correct S/M opening? The solder fixed device should has soldermask bridge

4, The processing document

u. Drilling diagram

127, Notes PCB thickness, number of layers, screen color, warp, and other technical instructions is correct

128, The layer name, stacking order, dielectric thickness and copper foil thickness are correct, whether the impedance control is required, description is accurate

129, Turn off the repeat code in the set table and the drilling precision should be set to 2-5

130, Hole tables and drilling files are up to date (must be regenerated when changing holes)

131, Whether there are abnormal aperture in the hole table, the hole diameter of the crimping parts is correct, and whether the hole tolerances are correctly labeled.

132, Are the plugged holes listed separately and labeled "Filled Vias"?

v. Gerber

133, The output of gerber file best uses the rs274x and the precision should set to 5:5

134, Art_aper.txt is up to date (274X not required)

135, Whether there is an exception report in the log file of the output gerber files

136, Edge of negative layer and identification of isolated island

137, Check whether the gerber file is in accordance with the PCB (change the board to use compared to the tool for comparison)

5, File sets

138, PCB filesproduct model_ specification _single board code_version.brd

139, Backing board design file: product model _ specification _ Single Board code number _ version No. -CB[-T/B].brd

140, PCB processing documents: PCB code. Zip ( gerber file of each layer, aperture tables, drilling files and ncdrill.log Puzzle File *.dxf),PCB code -CB[-T/B].zip ,include drill.art *.drlncdrill.log)

141, Process design documents: Product model _ specifications _ Single Board code _ version number-gy.doc

142, SMT coordinate file: Product model _ Specifications _ Single board code _ version number-smt.txt (When outputting coordinate file, confirm select Body Center. Symbol origin is selected only if the origin of all SMD device libraries is confirmed to be a device center)

143, PCB board structure file: Product model _ specifications _ Single Board code _ version number-mcad.zip (Included by the the .DXF and. emn files provided by structural engineer)

144, Test Files: product model _ specifications _ single board code _ version number-test.zip

(coordinates file containing Testprep.log and Untest.lst or *.DRL test points)

145, Archive drawing File: Product model Specification-veneer name-version number. PDF(Include: Cover, home page, each layer of screen printing, each layer of lines, drilling drawings, backboard contains a liner board diagram)

6. Standardization

146, Confirm cover Page, home page information is correct

147, Confirm the drawing serial number (correspond to the order of each layer of PCB) is correct

148, Verify that the PCB code on the drawing frame is correct