PCB component ODM opens a new era of PCB manufacturing

PCB and PCBA manufacturing and IC packaging manufacturing of integrated circuits are based on research materials and manufacturing processes, which belong to the category of electronic components and components.PCB incoming material processing, according to customer CAM design documents to guide CNC CNC production equipment to complete the production of specified materials.

PCB manufacturing is based on customer PCB file and PCB product requirements, through manufacturability process design  material selection and CAM design output production plan and CAM file, complete the specified or custom material production and product functional test.

PCB component ODM, based on material technology (polymer material, conductive metal material, magnetic anti-interference material), explores special manufacturing technology, microelectronics technology, circuit board function test technology, and improves the design, manufacturing and functional support ability of circuit board products; Based on hardware electronics technology, explore connector, carrier, device simulation, functional circuit simulation related technology, improve the PCB product-based industrial chain solutions. Circuit board like device, circuit board like functional circuit module, circuit board like component parts.

Shenshen Vip Circuit Co., LTD. Develop and explore products:

Blind hole, buried hole, multi-layer HDI, depth control blind gong, single surface of a variety of surface technology, characteristic impedance, rigid and flexible combination of special technology circuit board products; High frequency signal board, power board, IC carrier board, device/material embedded microelectronic circuit board and other products;

Circuit board simulates LCR devices and functional circuit modules, and effectively develops NFC antenna board, wireless charging electromagnetic induction coil board, transformer circuit board device, bluetooth antenna device, anti-interference EMI board, anti-static ESD board, MESH safety board and other products.