The function and precautions of PCB three anti-paint

                                                             The function and precautions of PCB three anti-paint

PCB three anti-paint is a specially formulated coating designed to protect PCB from the environment. The three anti-paint with good high temperature and low temperature resistance. It is covered on the surface of PCB to form a transparent protective film. It has excellent insulation, moisture, leakage, shock, dust, corrosion, aging and corona resistance. 

Moisture is the most common and destructive factor for PCBs. Excessive moisture can significantly reduce the insulation resistance between the conductors, accelerate the high-speed decomposition and corrode the conductor. We often see that the metal part of the PCB is patina,the reason is that the PCB is not covered with three anti-paint, and copper reacts with water and oxygen.

Covering the three anti-paints on the PCB and its components, when the product may be affected by the unfavorable operating environment, it can reduce or eliminate the decline of the electronic product, even greater than the original product life.

Operational notes:

    1. PCB must be cleaned with special wash water, can not use alcohol

    2. After the PCB is fully cured, it can be painted with three anti-paints. The cleaned PCB can be baked in the oven

    3. If the PCB is sprayed with three anti-paints, shake the bottle before spraying to make the paint inside evenly, then spray on the PCB

    4. If the PCB is brushed with three anti-paints, mix the paint in the bucket and brush it before brushing

    5. All three anti-paints cure at room temperature for a few minutes to ten minutes, fully cured for 24 hours, we can warm the PCB to 60 degrees , and the three anti-paint can be fully cured within half an hour