PCB Board/HDI Circuit board development process

In order to adapt to the development of electronic products, PCB circuit boards from simple single-sided PCB transit to double-sided/multilayer PCB/blind buried circuit board/multilayer impedance board, until today's high-density HDI circuit board.

With a variety of intelligent electronic products appear, HDI circuit board also slowly into the PCB board manufacturers’ production lines. A variety of high-density PCB production process technologies are also born with it.
HDI circuit board can be developed at an unprecedented speed, its important reason, in addition to meet the high integration of IC and high-density assembly technology development requirements, mainly HDI circuit board can make full use of the existing large PCB industry.
Mature process technology, facility conditions and related materials industry, as long as increase some investment or technical transformation can be on the production track. This is why RCC (resin coated copper) Laser drilling process has become a mainstream in producing high-density interconnected HDI boards.
Since this technology can maximize the use of the current PCB material industry and PCB production technology and equipment, so this technology is more easily accepted by the PCB manufacturers. In fact, PCB new technology and new materials from appearance to be widely used, are inseparable from the original large PCB infrastructure.

HDI board is only a supplement, reform, in-depth development, because the vast infrastructure of the PCB industry is set up and optimized through decades of advanced science and technology. According to the PCB industry development process, the overall development trend of printed circuit board can be summed up to three points, 1) Global HDI/BUM board (Build up Multilayer PCB) output has grown by more than 40% a year 2) Japan is the developer of the HDI board, while taking the lead in the global HDI board, at the same time should see countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia rapidly developing, probably faster than estimated, especially in the US and Asia 3)After Into the 21st century, is the HDI mature and mass production period, pushing the PCB industry to a new level of development. This is also the inevitable trend of the development of science and technology, in today's life, a variety of printed circuit board products have been throughout all kinds of electronic products we daily use.

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