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The demand for PCB for 5G wireless base stations is about three times that of 4G

                    The demand for PCB for 5G wireless base stations is about three times that of 4G

The total value of the 4G macro base station PCB is about 5,492 yuan/station. The global PCB space for 4G base stations is about 5-10 billion yuan/year, corresponding to PCB about 1-20 billion yuan/year. The value of 5G macro base station PCB is about 15104 yuan /station. In the peak year, the PCB demand brought by 5G base station construction is about 210-240 billion yuan/year, corresponding to PCB market space of about 8 billion yuan.

In 2019, even if the global demand for PCBs for servers is slowed down, it will not change the long-term upward trend. 2017Q2-2018Q4 is a stage of rapid growth in global server shipments. Internet enterprise data center construction contributes more than 60% of demand. We judge that global server shipment growth in 2019 may decline until the first half of 2020, the capital expenditure of the computing service provider is seen in the half cycle of a year-on-year growth rate from the perspective of the big cycle, and will start to return to growth in Q2 by 2020. From a long-term perspective, cloud computing virtualization for computing and storage is irreversible, and computing and storage requirements for AI, IoT, 5G, etc. will become more and more robust, and server PCB demand will continue to grow.

The communication category pcb market is generally dispersed but the high-end PCB demand and pattern are better. The global communication PCB market is about 12 billion US dollars. The top five companies only account for about 20% of the total, but in fact, the main PCB manufacturers of 18 or more layers (or high-frequency materials PCB) are the first echelon manufacturers. In the process of upgrading the computing storage device brought about by the intergenerational communication and data traffic outbreak, when the trend is transmitted to the PCB link, the value and usage increase are mainly based on the high-level number, new materials and new process PCB products, and the low-layer PCB. Demand changes are not as flexible as high-end PCBs, so the main benefit is the first echelon manufacturers, which have technical barriers, fixed asset investment barriers, business barriers, and certification time barriers.

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