Who are the top PCB or PCBA suppliers in China?

                                                         Who are the top PCB or PCBA suppliers in China?

Shenzhen VipCircuit Co.,Ltd. mainly committed to PCB business include the general PCB and special process PCB such as HDI, high frequency, aluminum base, heavy copper, golden finger, blind via, flex or rigid-flex PCB. PCBA business include the components procurement, assembly(SMT and THT) and stencil manufacturing.

Why choose Shenzhen Vipcircuit Co., Ltd. ? What will you benefit?

1.PCB fabrication with 100% ET and AOI testing,certified by ISO, UL,

2.Special material like Rogers, FR4 TG180℃,Teflon,Taconic, FPC, Aluminum base,

3.Special technology PCB such as HDI, high frequency,heavy copper,golden finger,flex or rigid-flex,POFV and so on,

4.Multilayer from 1 to 30L,

5.Minimum trace and space: 3/3 mil,

6.Fast lead time: 24 hous,

7.Two hours quick quotes and fast EQ feedback,

8.Synchronism working hours with yours,

9.Reverse engineering service (provide the schematics,bill of material and the gerber file),

10.PCB assembly,

We are very happy if you can send us any of your inquiries and we will try our best to give you a best price and fastest service.

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