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PCB reverse engineering and IC decoding of Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co,. Ltd.

                                         PCB reverse engineering and IC decoding of Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co,. Ltd.

Shenzhen Vip Circuit Co,. Ltd. has many years of experience in pcb reverse engineering and chip decoding industry, and Vipcircuit has a technical service team composed of many technical research and development experts.

1. PCB reverse engineering / version upgrade:

We can clone single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer PCBs (up to 32 layers), reverse engineering for all kinds of buried via PCBs and blind via PCBs, and 100% guaranteed to be the same as your sample. We can also modify the gerber according to your requirements if it is necessary.

2. PCB schematic:

Customers only need to provide us the PCB samples or PCB files which need to do the reverse engineering, then we can 100% accurately derive the schematic of the PCB. The location number, model number and network name of the components are easy to check, and the readability of the PCB schematic is the same as the original design.

3. PCB design:

We can provide high frequency PCB design, high speed PCB design and conventional PCB design, as well as PCB LAYOUT, SI simulation analysis, power integrity simulation analysis technical services and solutions.

4. PCB fabrication for sample or mass production:

Our company specializes in producing high-density, high-precision single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer rigid PCB and flexible PCB. The number of layers can be more than 32 layers, the minimum line width/line spacing is 3/3mil, and the minimum mechanical drill is 0.2mm, and the minimum laser drill is 4 mils of HDI PCB.

5. Making BOM and purchasing components:

With professional precision measuring instruments, it can quickly and accurately confirm the original model and related parameters of the components. Under the premise of clear component marking, we can provide the BOM to customers with standardized and complete information, and all of the components are purchased according to formal channels.

6. SMT processing service,

With a complete SMT production line and service process, based on the already designed PCB files, we can independently complete the PCB fabrication and PCBA processing.

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