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Automotive PCB Market level is clear, Middle and low end products trapped in price war

The development of automotive electronics in recent years is in full swing, a wide range of HDI applications are dazzling. From ADAS to electric cars and even further self-driving vehicles, Automotive electronics are likely to become the main battleground in the electronics industry such as computers and mobile phones in the future.

However, these high-density applications are just starlight in the distance for the automotive PCB factory. Lying in front of you is the global car market, where the short-term outlook is not optimistic, and the competitive environment for automotive boards that are gradually entering the price war.

HDI applications such as ADAS indeed bring many new opportunities for automotive electronics. More radar, camera module requirements, driven not only by traditional rigid PCB, the new technology for PFC board, flex-rigid PCB has also benefited, the future growth of new applications is quite predictable.

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