PCB green manufacturing road

Entity is strong, then economy is strong, Entity is thrive, then people is rich.

30 years past, China's PCB industry has entered a new era of development. Industrialization brings a series of environmental problems, people realize that ecology is the lifeline, environment is developing force. Make the sky more blue, the earth more green, water more clear, home more beautiful, achieve sustainable development, become a new dream for Chinese corporation who with a sense of social responsibility.

China has become a recognized world factory, but still at the bottom of the smile curve, get more and more thin profit. From the international increasingly stringent environmental regulations, to part of the Pearl River Delta business failures, are in the same reason that the Chinese manufacturing enterprises in order to maintain international competitiveness, must achieve industrial upgrading, to green manufacturing.

In the face of the new industrial environment, especially the improvement of environmental standards, high cost will bring about great changes, China PCB industry and enterprises only actively explore new development model, in the concept, technology, layout, management and other aspects of change, Conform to the development trend of ecological industry. In fact, the implementation of "green manufacturing" for the operation of enterprises, not only to enhance the organization's image and reputation, reflecting the sense of social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development, but also help enterprises to increase economic efficiency.

China's PCB industry to achieve a stronger dream, we must save resources, improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality to start, and constantly change the innovation, make green manufacturing industry become the future development and support of the power source.