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HDI (High Density Interconnector) PCB

Laser via and Blind via design,reduce PCB cost,increase conductor density, better electrical performance and signal correctness,reduce RF interference

Applications include mobile phone,digital camera,MP3,MP4,notebook computer and automotive.

In Vip Circuit, with advanced production equipment, excellent PCB solutions and complete testing methods, we have specialists working on their particular fields with the thorough mastery of their particular discipline in each of the production facilities. Training, as well as technical exchanges, are held frequently, tackling problems in key technologies and configuring scheme of equipment and allowing professionals to get up to speed on the essential tools that many organizations value today in the manufacturing industry. Thanks to those above, we have greatly improved the strength and won international reputation.

Technology Summary

PCB Features Ø  PCB with up to 30 layers Ø  Impedance control 
Ø  Flex PCB up to 6 layers Ø  Via plugging/Laser hole stacking
Ø  Aluminum core Ø  Special material
Ø  Heavy copper(power boards) Ø  Hybrid (RO4350+FR4)  
Ø  Blind and buried Vias Ø  Gold plated
Ø  HDI Ø  Min hole 0.2mm
Ø  RFHigh frequency)  Ø  Max copper thickness 6oz
Surface Treatment HASL/LF HASL
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Gold Finger/Gold plated
Selective Chem Au
Material FR-4
Halogen-free PTFE
Rogers Polyimide
Arlon Hybrid
Isola BT
High TG Ceramic filled

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